Corporate Governance


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Raízen Group

Raízen has a sound corporate governance structure which has been constantly improved since its creation, including the development of new processes and systems.

The business’ goals are clearly stated, approved, communicated and disseminated to the appropriate levels. In its daily operations, risks that may have an impact on these goals are identified and analyzed, and policies and procedures are implemented to ensure these risks are minimized.

All of Raízen’s transactions are carried out in compliance with the Manual of Authorities, which covers the key activities of the business and clearly states authority levels, and is updated and disclosed to the whole Company on a regular basis.

Raízen’s corporate governance structure also features and an Independent Audit Firm, Compliance Rules, a Dividend Policy and Treasury and Trading Policies.


Raízen’s Supervisory Board is supported by four Committees: (a) Finance Committee; (b) Audit Committee; (c) Remuneration Committee; (d) Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.