Income Tax Report and Depositary Bank

As Raízen’s shares are held in book-entry form, registered with BTG Pactual Serviços Financeiro S.A. DTVM (BTG PSF), with the depositary, any transfer of shares must be made by entry in its books, with debit to the seller’s share account and credit to the buyer’s share account. When shares are bought or sold on the stock exchange, the transfer is executed in the records of the depositary institution through a broker or the exchange’s custody system. B3 operates a fungible custody system through CBLC. Each member shareholder will be recorded in the shareholders’ registry maintained by the relevant stock exchange, treated in the same manner as other registered participants.

Shareholders must keep their registration details updated with BTG PSF (the registrar) to ensure the full exercise of their rights, simply by contacting the institution via email. Investors who keep their banking information updated in the registry will automatically receive dividends as determined by Raízen on the stipulated payment start date.

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