Income Tax Report and Depositary Bank

Given that Raízen’s shares are book entry shares held in custody at Itaú Corretora de Valores S/A, any share transfer must be registered in the company’s records, with a debit in the assignor’s share account and a respective credit in the assignee’s share account. When shares are acquired or sold on stock exchanges, the transfer is made in the depositary institution’s records by the representative of a broker or by the stock exchange custody system. The Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange (BM&FBovespa) operates a fungible custody system through the Brazilian Clearing and Depositary Corporation (CBLC). All shareholders are registered in the shareholder records maintained by the Exchange and receive the same treatment.

Shareholders must keep their records updated with Itaú Corretora (the custodian bank) to ensure the full exercise of their rights. This can be done by visiting any branch of Banco Itaú with the appropriate documents. Investors whose records are up to date with an account at Banco Itaú or other banks will be automatically credited with shareholder remuneration on the initial payment date established by Raízen and will also be notified through a “Notice of Credit of Registered Shareholder Remuneration” containing the details of said payment. If investors’ bank details are not registered, the payment will remain at their disposal as of the initial payment date established by the company. They should then visit a branch of Banco Itaú to collect the payment, bearing all the identification documents and the “Notice of Receipt of Shareholder Remuneration on Book Entry Shares”.


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The main information for controlling your investments is now available on the internet: shareholding position, transaction statement, payment notice, earnings report and subscription bulletin.

If you are not an account holder at Banco Itaú, consultation can be done with complete security through an exclusive portal for shareholders on the Itaú Corretora website. Access is simple and quick, just access: Just follow the step by step, informing the requested data and, at the end, the consultation will be available.

If you are an account holder in the Itaú, Uniclass and Personnalité segments, to consult, simply access your account at In the Current Account Menu, the Income Report is available and in the Invesments Menu, the other queries of your Shares Registered by Itaú.


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