Share Buyback

On January 6, 2022, Raízen S/A approved its Share Buyback Program, valid for 18 months.

The buyback shares may, at management’s discretion, be transferred to the beneficiaries of the long term compensation plan of the Company, cancelled, selled or kept in treasury.

Click here to access the Material Fact regarding the Share Buyback Program.

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF SHARES THAT CAN BE REPURCHASED IN THE PERIOD: 40,000,000 shares (representing approximately 0.39% of total shares and up to 3.21% of the Outstanding Shares)
OUTSTANDING SHARES ON THIS DATE: 1,246,412,032 preferred shares
AVAILABLE FUNDS: The buyback of shares shall be made using funds available in the Company’s capital reserve, with the exception of reserves specified in art. 7º, § 1º of ICVM 567. The balance of the Capital Reserves,
according to the Company’s Financial Statements as of December September 30, 2021, is R$ 10,319,615 (in thousands)