Corporate Governance

Directors and Management

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Raízen Energia S.A. and Raízen Combustíveis S.A.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board has three representatives of each of Raízen’s shareholders. Among other functions, it is responsible for: (a) proposing the Company’s global strategies and strategic priorities to shareholders; b) establishing general guidelines for the Company‘s business; c) setting and changing key policies and the Manual of Authorities; d) approving pension plan structures and corporate reorganizations; e) appointing/removing members of the Board of Executive Officers; f) approving/amending the Annual Budget; g) approving material agreements and agreements with related parties; h) approving significant investments and financing actions.

Name Position
Rubens Ometto Silveira Mello Supervisory Board Chairperson
Huibert Hans Vigeveno Supervisory Board Member
Istvan Kapitany Supervisory Board Member
Douglas Moray Alexander Supervisory Board Member
Luis Henrique Cals de Beauclair Guimarães Supervisory Board Member
Marcelo Eduardo Martins Supervisory Board Member


Board of Executive Officers

The Board of Executive Officers is responsible for managing Raízen’s businesses, and implementing policies and general guidelines set by the Board of Directors.

Name Position
Ricardo Dell Arquila Mussa President
Guilherme José de Vasconcelos Cerqueira Financial Executive Vice President (CFO)
Francis Vernon Queen Neto Ethanol, Sugar and Bioenergy Executive Vice President
José Leonardo Martin de Pontes Commercial Executive Vice President
Antonio Simões Logistics, Distribution and Energy Executive Vice President
Antonio Ferreira Martins Legal Vice President
Paula Benevides* Human and Organizational Development Vice President
Fabio Mota* Shared Services Vice President

* It is not part of Statutory Board of Executive Officers.