Vice Presidency of Strategy and Sustainability

To ensure consistency with the 2030 ESG commitments, in 2021/2022, the Vice Presidency of Strategy and Sustainability was created, which merged the areas of Strategy, Business Development, M&A and ESG under the leadership of Paula Kovarsky. The new structure reinforces the evolution of our governance on ESG issues, bringing it closer to strategic discussions and decision-making.


ESG Committee

In 2021, we took a major step forward in our ESG governance structure by establishing the Sustainability Committee. This committee is comprised of a significant number of our Executive Board members, as well as other leaders who possess a deep understanding of the ESG theme and are directly responsible for driving the company’s material themes forward. The main objective of the committee is to closely monitor and ensure the steady progress of Raízen’s ESG Agenda.

The group is responsible for overseeing the implementation of key initiatives related to the agenda, as well as tracking the evolution of the company’s medium and long-term sustainability commitments. These commitments are aligned with the leading global frameworks pertaining to ESG, ensuring that Raízen stays at the forefront of this critical issue. With the Sustainability Committee in place, we are confident that we are taking the necessary steps to secure a more sustainable future for our business and the world at large.


Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Responsible for planning, and supervising our operations’ performance on our ESG Agenda, and regularly providing detailed reports on performance to the Board of Directors.


Policies and Procedures

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